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Follow your heart…

I was barely 10 years old when I did my first book: already wildlife stories. At that time I was dreaming of living in the jungle among the great apes and I was learning Tarzan's language to talk to the animals.

But I took a huge turn and became a lawyer. Not the same kind of stories nor the same jungle…

Even so I couldn't overcome my passion for adventures. Meeting Dr Jane Goodall changed my life in a second.

In February 2007, I was among the many people lined up after one of her lectures in Paris to have her book signed. I had already visited her sanctuary for orphan chimpanzees, The Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden, in South Africa, while putting together my first book. I had brought a small book of photographs that I had taken there and offered it to Jane. She had a quick glance, a huge smile, and in my copy of "In the Shadow of Man", she wrote  “Follow your heart”.  That is just what I did.

Today I am following my dream. I first joined the Jane Goodall Institute as a volunteer, before founding with Elyane and Cedric Jacquet, great conservation photographers,  our association Loi 1901 PPNAT – Photographers for the preservation of Nature

And I am sharing in books, exhibitions, conferences and this website, my own experiences and encounters, hoping to raise people’ awareness of the plight of these animals and their protectors, by showing that each one of us must play our part in preserving the wild life and the wild places of our planet before it is too late.


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