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Exhibitions & Publications

Exhibitions on display

  • 2015 – with PPNAT

Past exhibitions

  • Aotearoa, Protectors of the lost ark
  • Their future is in our hands
  • Chimpanzees in the heart of Paris!

Wildlife Conservation

  • Southern African encounters, Foreword by Dr Jane Goodall, 2008 Timée Editions
  • Costa Rica – encounters in the last garden of eden, with Michel Denis-Huot, foreword by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2011 Timée Editions
  • Publications in specialized and Children magazines
  • Encuentros africanos

In preparation

  • New Zealand encounters
  • Children’s literature

And some Cooking!

  • Grande papillote
  • Chips
  • Macarons
  • Rice & Cereals

Editor of the collection « Les indispensables de Mastrad » and co-writer, with Chef Jean-Claude Fascina and Photographer Julien Bouvier.